Download GTA Vice City Cheater APK for Android

Download GTA Vice City Cheater APK for Android | Latest GTA vice city cheats :

Hello everyone as you know that I have already written an article about downloading GTA V Unity android app. People who are requesting to post Mod article similar to Android games and then I thought that why don’t we post an article about GTA Vice City cheats APK. This is going to be the cheat application by using which you can activate different cheat codes on your GTA Vice City game in your Android device.
These cheats will be easy to apply in the games while playing and enjoying it. I would suggest not to use them a lot otherwise it will decrease the interest in the game for the user as everything will be very easy. But this is completely your choice you can use this cheats as much as you want.

Edit the environment with GTA Vice City cheats

CERTAINDEATH is used To put a cigarette in your teeth

LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS – Increase the tires of sports cars

AHAIRDRESSERSCAR – All machines are pink

IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK – All machines are black

APLEASANTDAY – Clear weather

ALOVELYDAY – Romantic weather

ABITDRIEG – Cloudy weather

CATSANDDOGS – Rainy weather

COMEFLYWITHME – Reduced gravity

GREENLIGHT – All traffic lights turn green

MIAMITRAFFIC – Speed up urban traffic

GRIPISEVERYTHING – Improved machine management

CHASESTAT – Show Media Level

CHICKSWITHGUNS – Only women have weapons

HOPINGIRL – Women get in your car
Change skins


LIFEISPASSINGMEBY – Speed up game time

FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT – People begin to fight each other

NOBODYLIKESME – People fall when they are pushed

OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS – Give the crowd weapons (dangerous!)

STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP – Cycles the player’s skin
ROCKANDROLLMAN – Skin of the Rock’n’rollman
ONEARMEDBANDIT – Skin of “one-armed bandit”
FOXYLITTLETHING – Skin of the Mafiosi daughter
WELOVEOURDICK – The Skin of a “Scotsman”

Tommy experience cheats


ASPIRINE 100%  is used for 100% health (also you can “cure” the broken tires and extinguish the burning vehicle)

THUGSTOOLS is used to Set of weapons of a sadistic killer

ICANTTAKEITANYMORE – To commit suicide

PROFESSIONALTOOLS – Professional Murder Instruments

NUTTERTOOLS – All weapons for a real nutcase


LEAVEMEALONE – Remove all the asterisks WANTED

ONSPEED – Tommy goes faster

BOOOOOORING – Tommy goes slower

SEAWAYS – You can ride the water

PROGRAMMER can make Tommy grows thin (do not turn off)

FANNYMAGNET – Women love you

TRAVELINSTYLE – Lightweight machines

BIGBANG – Blow up nearby vehicles

WHEELSAREALLINEED – Leave only wheels from cars

Jcheater android app GTA vice city Cheater

Now I am going to provide you an Android app by using which you can apply all the cheat codes in your Android while playing GTA Vice City game. This Android app name is JCheater: Vice City Edition. Jcheater is available on Google Play Store app and you can download this app directly in your Android device and install it for using all the cheats.
There is no need for an external keyboard, you can just use any of the cheats you want by using this app. Is not that there are some devices which can not handle the cheats and make the game crash again and again.
To apply the cheats using this application, first of all, you just have to open the cheater app and press the button Start Cheater.

GTA V Unity android app

Then you have to start the game.
While you are playing the game you can just press the cheat button on the top of your screen.
Here you can find the cheat you want to use in the game.
There you can just enter the cheat on the screen keyboard which will appear on your screen.
When you are finished playing the game you can just open the app again in then you can press stop Cheetah to deactivate the cheat button.
You can download this Android app directly from your Google Play Store I am also providing the link to this app down below. Just click on the links given below.


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