GTA 5 Unity Android APK Latest Version

GTA 5 Unity Android APK Latest Version

So you want to download GTA 5 Unity on Android. Hello everyone! Today in this article I am going to provide the GTA 5 android apk or you can say GTA 5 unity android apk. If you are reading this post right now then it means that you want to experience the GTA 5 Unity on your Android device which is almost as cool as GTA 5 PC version.

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GTA 5 Unity Android APK Latest Version

If I talk about the GTA 5 Unity then it is one of the best clones of Grand Thief Auto 5 of PC, PSP, and XBOX. You can experience the same adventure of the game on your Android phone easily. This game is the best-proved example that we can find the same realistic and amazing quality of the game GTA 5 for Android. This game is developed by Unity team but the game is still under development. But this pretty much the same gta 5 for android.

GTA 5 Unity Android APK Latest Version

What’s New in this Update :

▪ Fixed Some Bugs & Crashes

▪ Add NPC

▪ Added Ak-47

▪ Jump animation changed

▪ Added BMW Car

▪ Health regeneration

▪ Michael special ability

▪ Added 5 more languages

As I have already said this is the better version that allows you to experience almost the realistic graphics in your smartphone.
In this better version, we have a small area where you can walk, ride cars and so much more stuff you can think of. If talking about the game area then we have a limited area in the game. There is a small piece of land where you can do so many things you would have expected till now. In this game, you can perform so many tasks and physical activities similar to the Real GTA 5.

It works perfectly on an Android device. As we know that it’s not the GTA 5 full game but you can experience most of the features of GTA 5 like biking, car driving, using weapons etc on your Android device. It works smoothly.

So now I am going to provide the link for this game so you can download this game and enjoy.
Just click on any of the links given below to download GTA 5 android apk


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