How to Impress a Girl | Trying to Impress Her Memes

How to Impress a Girl | Trying to Impress Her Memes :

Watch this video if you want to impress all the girls you see anywhere in public.

This videos shows you the fastest way to impress girls 🙂

Also note that this is just a joke. You will be in deep trouble if you try these steps mentioned in this video but you should definite watch it.

This post is basically all about trying to impress her memes

Trying to Impress Her Memes :


She : I love Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

*trying to impress her*
Me : FAX karna chaahte hain tumhare saath 🙂 🙂


She : I like Ajay Devgn
He: ( Trying to impress her) main toh subha brush bhi vimal se karta hoon 🙂


She: I like Pakistani music.
Me (trying to impress her): hi, I’m Taher Shah. 🙂

She: I like real Rap music.
Me (trying to impress her): hi, I’m Omprakash Mishra 🙂


She: I like Ranveer Singh
He *trying to impress her* : Ladkiyo wali dress pahanna to muje bachpan se hi pasand hai 🙂


She- I like Varun Dhawan
Me (Trying to impress her)- Tera dhyan kidhar hai, Ye tera hero idhar hai..


How to Impress a Girl | Trying to Impress Her Memes

She : i love listening to metal

Me (trying to impress her):- gharpe bartan me hi ghista hu. 🙂


She: I like Salman Khan.
Me(Trying to impress her): GTA me toh roz footpath wale marte hai mere ghaadi se and Deer Hunter me high score h mra

*Examination Hall
Topper girl : Hi
Me [ *trying to impress her ] : Sir, ek extra sheet dena…

She – i love cowboys
Me (Trying to impress her) – mein bhi gaurakshak hu.

crush: i love psychology
me (trying to impress her): i have depression.


she- i love ramdev baba
me (trying to impress)-
*winks at her and starts shouting KARNE SE HOGA*


She: I like people who don’t give a damn to anyone.
Me (trying to impress her): Hahahah bc par tu hai kon?

*Meeting for marriage*
She: I think a relationship should have fire, that spark.
Me(trying to impress her): I burnt my last wife alive


Crush: i like boys who talk like kids

Me (trying to impress her): mai toh abhi bhi paani ko mum mum bolta hoon


She- i like brave and fearless guys.

Me (trying to impress her) – bina darre front camera khol leta hu


She: ” khatron k khiladi ” is my Fav show !

Me (Trying To Impress Her):


She : i like risktakers

Me (trying to impress her): — Ese tweet krta hu jisse account ud jaye


[On Date] She: I Love Marvels

Me trying to impress her: Tell me your name again


Girl: I am Marwadi

Me (Trying to impress her) : Me toh toll free number bhi Jio se dial karta hun..

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