How to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page

Nowadays Facebook likes have become a big part of our life as everyone wants to share their life on Facebook. Even bigger brands and products use Facebook services as it is one of the biggest online platforms where their services can be promoted. Even if you have a new page on Facebook, no matter category of the page. It can be anything, about food, for promoting your business, store sales, increasing online sales or maybe launching a new product, your app or maybe it’s just for any fun purpose.

You can turn your Facebook fans into a real business by building an audience on Facebook, you can drive an insane amount traffic to your website or maybe your product.

Hello everyone! I am Bad Buddyy and today in this post I’ll be sharing the best way to gain an audience on your Facebook page through the genuine methods. Here I am talking about the likes on your Facebook page. More likes you gain, the more trust and growth you achieve.

Your strategy for your Facebook page

There are already thousands and thousands of pages on facebook which are maybe related to your interest or your page topic. So it’s very hard to get a higher rank on that page list.
So you have to plan a well-defined way in which you can set your business goals and make the presence of your brand on facebook which can be trusted.

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Don’t go for free likes services

You must have already seen this that there are many services and websites that provide you with free likes on your facebook pages. You should never use those services if you really want to grow your Facebook page with an active audience.

Those likes mostly come from the people that will never like your post which you will share on your page because they are not interested in your page.
So never ever think of using the services for increasing the likes on your Facebook page. I have personally tested it.

Your goals

So if you are simply aiming for more likes on your Facebook page then I have to say that it is really a bad idea.
If you really want to use your Facebook page for the promotion of your services or just posting your own photos on your Facebook page, still you have to set your goals.

facebook page likes

Making a great page on Facebook

So this is obviously the basic thing that you already know. But sometimes we usually overlook the basic things which are actually the most important things to remember.
Your page is actually the main representation of your service that you are promoting through your page so your page should be in a great shape. It has many parts and you have to try to fill everything perfectly and professionally.

About section

About section is basically the most important thing that people will see on your page so you have to fill every information you can. This actually helps in the building of a great Facebook page which can be trusted by its audience.

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Profile photo and cover photo on your Facebook page

So your profile photo and the cover photo is the first basic impression of your business or product. So it’s very important that you choose your profile picture and cover picture wisely.

If you have a logo for your product or your company then you should use it as your profile picture and you can get creative with your cover photo.

Your cover photo should be the photo that will give the message to the audience that what do you provide on your page and what your page is all about and why should they get connected to your page.

Make sure that the quality of your cover photo and your profile photo is as maximum as it can be. It should not be blurry or pixelated because people usually don’t want to follow those pages which do not look well.

Page Name

If your page for promoting your website or any other service already have a name then you can’t do anything with the page name. But if you are making a new page and you don’t have a name right now and you want to choose a name. Then you have to choose your page name wisely
This name should be easy to discover, which means that page name that can be remembered and can be searched afterward.


The same thing goes for username, you have to create a username that is easy to remember and can search afterward. It should be very much related to the page name.

So this was the basic information which you will use while creating your page. But if you have already created and did all these things, then the basic question is How to gain more likes now.

How to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page

Invite your existing contacts on Facebook to like your page

So there are chances that you already have friends, family and existing customer of your service on your Facebook profile that you are using currently.
So all you have to do is invite all of them to your Facebook page through the invite option on your Facebook page.
Make sure not to do over-promotion of your page because it can be really annoying sometimes for others to see the link to your Facebook page by you again and again.

Promote your Facebook page on your website or blog

This is one of the best things you can do to promote your Facebook page easily by inserting your Facebook page on maybe the sidebar of your website or your blog. If you don’t have a website or a blog already then I think you should create it for the promotion of your service or your product.

Top performing post

If you are regularly posting content on your Facebook then there should be a post which is performing much better than all the other posts. You should take this advantage to pin that specific post on the top of your page so that people can interact with that post the most while visiting your page.

Posting high-quality content on your page

There are chances that your page is maybe not seen by so many people but you want them to see your page and like your page. But you have to give them the reason to like your page. The real reason to like your page should be your content.
You should post high-quality content that is most relevant to the title and to the topic of your page. In this way, anyone who will visit your page is most likely going to like your page immediately.
While posting, you can use photos and even videos to interact with your audience.

Be active on your Facebook page

Getting more Facebook likes is not a piece of cake. You have to give your work and time to your Facebook page. People usually don’t care about those pages which do not post any content regularly. Make sure you stay active and regular on your page by posting, replying to the messages and by replying to the comments in your posts.

How to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page

Using Facebook Ads for the promotion

It may be a case that you are working hard on your Facebook page and even you are posting regularly. But still, you are not getting that response you want from your Facebook page and your audience.

Then you can promote your Facebook page by advertising your Facebook page.

Posting at the right time

It may be a basic thing but it is one of the most important things that you need to remember while posting any content on your Facebook page. You have to do your own research in order to determine which is the best time to post your content on your specific page. This should be the time when your audience is most active and most likely to engage with your content.

Give audience What they want

So there are chances that your content may or may not be liked by your audience. It may be the content that is not fully analyzed by your audience or your audience wants you to post some other kind of content related to your page. You have to determine this by checking the likes on your posts and reviews in the comments.

So there are many more other tricks and tips I can share in this post but this is pretty much basic that you need to know while creating your page and promoting it for gaining an insane amount of Facebook followers and likes.

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