How to Make a Double Role or Triple Role Video

Today i am going to share the easiest way to record,edit and process the double role videos or even triple role videos. If you are thinking that this process is going to be difficult then let me tell you that this is actully very easy process.

Double role video means that the same person is existing into two character in the same frame.

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When it comes to making a double role video then there are basically 2 steps for doing this, Recording of the double role video and Editing of the recorded video. 

Recording double role video – This might be a big question for you as you are confused. But the answer is really easy and simple.

double role video

First of all, place the camera on a still place (there should not be any movement in the camera).

Also make sure that you have a stlll background while recording the video (there should not be any movement in the background of the recording).

Now you have to select your positions in the frame, what i am trying to say is that you have to configure it yourself that where each of the character will perform in that recording with no movement in camera and background.

Watch my video tutorial from the video given below

Lets take this example that i want to record a triple role video then i have to record 3 different videos with 3 different positions which should not coincide each other (there should be a difference between each character)

You can use Green screen if you want these characters to interact easily.

So this is basically the recordin part.


double role video

Editing the recorded video

Now the editing process of these videos is a little bit tricky. For editing i have used the filmora software but you can use any of the software you want.

If you are an android device user then you can use the android apps such as kinemaster.

First of all, import all the files in the editing software.

Add 3 video layers and then add all othe 3 videos in these layer in a manner that that second and third are exactly on the first layer.

then you have to edit the width of each video in a manner that you select the character area in the video but left other area for other layers.

Repeat this process for each video layer.

If doing this small work of editing, your final video will be ready.

It may be little bit confusing for you to understand the whole process. So i have made this whole video for explaining How to make double role or triple role videos. Just watch the video and follow all the steps and then it will be very easy for you to make double role or triple role videos yourself.

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