How to Unlock your Phone with your Voice via OK Google

How to Unlock your Phone with your Voice via OK Google:

There are many ways in which you can unlock your phone device. the popular ways used for unlocking are fingerprint unlock, pattern unlocks, Face Unlock. today we are going to talk about a different way to unlock your phone which is by using your voice as a password. your Android phone can recognize your voice by listening to you. you can unlock your Android device by speaking to the phone.

For this follow the steps given below in order to fully set up the configuration you need in order to unlock your phone with your voice via Ok Google.


First of all, go to the settings in your Android device.

Now go to the security section in settings.

Select the smart lock option in security settings.

Select the trusted voice option in order to use your voice for the password of your Android device.

You have to follow the prompt to set up your android phone to unlock itself when it hears you say Ok Google.

Complete this process by training your voice in order to make your Android device recognize you. You will do this by saying OK Google three times as the process follows.

How to Unlock your Phone with your Voice via OK Google

It’s all set now.

You can lock your Android phone and then say Ok Google.

After this, a listening prompt will appear on your phone screen where you can give your voice command. You can tap to dismiss this command or you can swipe up in order to go to the home screen.

This is one of the most amazing ways to unlock your Android device which you can use again and again by activating these settings.

There are also some similar ways in order to achieve these settings. You can also use some android apps in order to make your phone recognize your voice for unlocking your device.

We are not discussing any android apps in this post but you can find them yourself easily.

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