Modi govt approves 10 percent reservation for poor in general category

Modi govt approves 10 percent reservation for poor in general category:

Reservation is the biggest curse given to India by all political parties. All of us want reservation and vote bank politics has made the situation worse day by day. It is a matter of shame that a step merely for 10 years after Independence is still going on and no one wants to leave the reservation tag. No end to this filth, the rot gets deeper.

Now the question that comes into your mind is –

Is the idea of giving 10% reservation for the economically weak a good idea? Are there any chances for it to backfire?

This decision is a boon for the large section of society who have been neglected for the past 70 years plus a political masterstroke from the Modi Government.

By making this decision and letting it be known unofficially (no official briefing could take place because Parliament is in session and any policy decision taken during the session has to be placed before Parliament first), Modi stuck to his trademark secrecy that surrounds all major decisions.

Just as the news started trickling in, the mahagathbandhan, or the anti-Modi alliance’s reaction came as no surprise. The move was met with strict opposition from all quarters. However, in their bid to oppose the Modi government and every move it makes, the opposition parties have invariably shot themselves in the foot.

Asaduddin Owaisi, the AIMIM chief proceeded to make a bizarre statement. He said that reservations are meant to correct historical injustice to Dalits. He said that for poverty alleviation, the government must run various schemes but reservations are only meant for social justice.

With this statement, Owaisi, perhaps in his zeal to oppose did not realize the massive self-goal he was hitting. Owaisi has been a champion of Muslim causes and has been demanding reservations for Muslims for the longest time. Earlier, Owaisi has demanded Muslim reservations based on how ‘backward’ Muslims are.

Modi govt approves 10 percent reservation for poor in general category

Modi govt approves 10 percent reservation for poor in general category

In the past, as can be seen, he has also mentioned that reservation will break the cycle of poverty that Muslims live in. At the very outset, Owaisi seems to have contradicted himself in his opposition to 10% reservation for the economically backward.

It should be noted that despite several political parties and governments, both at the Centre and in states talking about it for the past decades, nobody has ever made any substantive move in this regard. This could well turn out to be a hugely emotive issue for crores of Indians of all ages, more so among upper caste youth eligible for jobs and their elderly parents.

Modi’s political rivals have a conundrum: They can neither be seen opposing it nor can they be seen praising the government. The Congress, Samajwadi Party, RJD and others have had a difficult time in formulating their first response. Slog Overs for 2019 Elections have just gone way more interesting!

The 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections, is a long-standing demand, which every party at one time or other have articulated. But none of them brought it to fruition. Modi took a bold decision to implement the same through amendment. Cabinet has taken a decision. It has to be passed in the Parliament.

The poor among the forward class have been left to fend for themselves all these years. Now they have a glimmer of hope, though reservation itself is not a solution to their problems.

Having taken a decision to provide a 10% reservation for the poor forward class, the government has taken a well thought out decision. This is a politically good move because BJP lost very narrowly in 2018 assembly elections in two states. The much forward class has been disenchanted by BJP. With this decision, the forward class’ trust with BJP gets strengthened once again.

During 1990 and afterward Mandal commission made a revolution in the politics of India. Now with this reservation, there is once again another mini upheaval in Indian Politics, with forwarding and backward class polarising to support the government.

As regards backfiring, there is no chance, because this reservation is not affecting or altering the existing reservation given to other communities and castes.

It’s a much-awaited step in Right Direction.

Those who are saying it’s a Lollipop! Remember, no one ever offered even a Lollipop to the Upper Caste!

Watch how much anger is there among Congress spokespersons…they are baffled by this unprecedented move of the Modi Government.

Modi govt approves 10 percent reservation for poor in general category


Now Political parties will show their Real Face!

How much important that ‘Janeu’ was, will be revealed soon…

Modi govt approves 10 percent reservation for poor in general category


Union Cabinet approves 10% reservation for economically weak

The 10 percent reservation will be available to those who meet a certain standard qualifying them as economically backward. This qualification will be based on the value of assets held by a person and/or their annual income.

A person will be qualified as economically weaker if:

  • Their annual income is below Rs 8 lakh,
  • Own agricultural land of fewer than five hectares
  • They own homes smaller than 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Own residential plots below 109 yards in a notified municipality
  • They own residential plot below 209 yards in the non-notified municipality area

We have to see whether the government will be able to get bills amending the Constitution passed in Parliament. The bills would need to be passed by both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, both of which have largely been non-functional during the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament.

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