Tips and Tricks to Increase Youtube Video Views

Tips and Tricks to Increase Youtube Video Views :

As we all know that youtube is all about views and subscribers nowadays for. A lot of people want to use this platform to gain popularity as well as exposure to their creativity and art. I am posting videos on youtube from last year and I have gained almost 73k subs till now with over millions of views. Although I am not satisfied and I am still working hard to achieve my goals.

I have created a lot of content related to many categories since the starting of my channel which includes tech, reviews, movies, stories narration and other entertainment content. If you want to visit my channel then CLICK HERE

Now I am experienced enough to analyze all the facts, tips and trick to get more and more views possible on my youtube videos.

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Hello everyone! I am Bad Buddyy and today I will be sharing all the best tips and tricks to get maximum views possible on your youtube videos.

First of all, you have to understand that there is no shortcut to success or an insane amount of views on your youtube videos. But this doesn’t mean that you should lose all the hope of getting more views on your youtube videos. Below are some of the best tips for you to apply to your youtube videos to get more views.

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Make your title short and interesting

So the title is the first basic thing that your viewers will see before clicking on your videos. It is not necessary that your title should be exactly what your videos show. Just keep your audience interests in mind and give a title that gives the direction to that content that you have provided in your youtube videos. Please keep this thing in mind that you don’t use a clickbait title as it can be an issue for your video to get that engagement plus clickbait titles are not allowed on youtube according to youtube guidelines,

Choose a Good looking thumbnails

Now according to me, this is the golden trick that can get your video from 0 views to millions of views in no time if you have a good thumbnail and good content and of course the audience interest in that topic.

While making a thumbnail make sure that your thumbnail looks appealing and interesting so that anyone who will see your thumbnail, he/she will click on it.

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Feature Your Videos after posting

So this is pretty much the basic thing that I do every time after posting a video. Just go to the creator studio on youtube (pc version)

Then go to channel and feature content. After posting your latest video, make sure that you add your video in that section.

You can also feature a video from channel home section, if anyone visits your channel, then they will see the video you have featured at the top. This will give more attention to a specific video that you want to be featured on your channel.

Pick tags that are suitable for your videos

So again this is the thing to do in order to get your videos on the top of search results and recommended sections. You have the possibility of using tags of almost 500 character, that’s a lot. So don’t miss a chance to fill the tag section with all the possible tags that can be searched in order to get your videos in results. Please make sure that you don’t put any misleading tag as it is against youtube guidelines.

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Description of your video

Give a proper description of your video where top 1-2 lines should be explaining the video as they also act as tags.

Again, you can’t give direct tags in your description as it is against youtube guidelines.

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End Screens on videos

Make sure you insert end screen on your videos where you can add your other videos at the end of the video in order to let your audience go directly to that specific video.

So these are the pretty much basic things that you can do on your youtube channel in order to get more and more youtube video views possible.

Please share your important opinion in the comments down below about the tips and tricks to increase youtube video views.


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