Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time:

In this golden age of television, you can watch your favourite shows on different platforms from Netflix to HBO Originals. The real question is What’s the best TV show of all time? Who knows?

You already know about your favorite TV show as well as the favorite show of your friends and family. But here we are going to present the top 10 most popular TV shows of all time.

Choosing the best and most popular TV shows means that you are taking into account the best TV drama, the best comedies, action, horror, crime and many more genre aspects.

So here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

1. Game of Thrones

Have you watched Narnia or Lord of the Rings or any other periodic fantasy movie?

They all have a specific cute pattern.

  • An underdog hero, a great supporting character, a superior villain and a smartest devilish player.
  • A high budget story in which good always reign over evil no matter what.

Now turning to GOT:

Game of Thrones is not a cute story of the fight of good against evil.

  • The good and honorable characters die like pigs.
  • The evil and cheapest characters will manage to survive until the end.
  • None of the characters are particularly good or evil, they blend of it.
  • The strong characters you think will survive the whole series will be dead in the first three seasons.
  • Every war sequence is an absolute masterpiece.
  • Some mind-boggling impossible moments will make you jump on your couch and bite your pillow.
  • After 2 seasons you will feel attached to every character whether small or big.
  • Mind the surroundings when you are watching GOT, you can even get slapped for no reason.
  • Dragons, White walkers, Faceless God, Tree of Wisdom, Lord of light, Three Eyed Raven are the things you cannot rationalize with.

An amazing story with amazing characters and a stunning and one of the most realistic medieval setting.

A Game of Thrones follows the point-of-view characters of these people:

  • Eddard Stark
  • Catelyn Stark
  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Jon Snow
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Bran Stark
  • Sansa Stark
  • Arya Stark

It is set in The Seven Kingdoms, The Wall, and Essos:

Seven Kingdoms

Eddard Stark is summoned by the king, Robert Baratheon, to King’s Landing (the capital) from Winterfell (his home) as his chief advisor after the previous one, Jon Arryn, died suspiciously. Once there shit gets real; Eddard finds out that the heir to the throne, Joffrey, is not Robert’s child, but the bastard between twin siblings Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Eddard tries to tell everyone, but he’s too late; Robert dies in a ‘hunting accident’ and Joffrey locks up Eddard and makes his daughters Sansa and Arya their prisoner. He gets his head chopped off and his son Robb rises in rebellion and declares independence, along with Robert’s brothers Stannis and Renly.


While all this is happening, Daenerys (Dany) and Viserys Targaryen are on another continent, Essos. Dany gets betrothed to Drogo, a Khal of the nomadic tribe known as the Dothraki, and Viserys acts like a brat until he gets silenced by Drogo. Drogo begins to gather gold for ships but when he is wounded one day, he is treated with a folk witch (because that’s what you always do when you injure yourself) hired by Dany, but it backfires as Drogo is left in a vegetative state. It’s even worse for Dany because she was about to have a child with Drogo and now due to the witch, her child is now dead too (stillborn). She kills Drogo out of mercy, and during his funeral walks into the flames, and hatches thee dragons.

The Wall

However, they are oblivious to the real threat. The prologue features three men of the Night’s Watch, which is a group that is sworn to defend the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, known as The Wall, getting attacked by the Others, a supernatural hostile race. During a ranging, three Rangers are attacked by the Others; two die while the other is apprehended further south. Anyways, Eddard’s bastard son Jon Snow plans to join the Night’s Watch but is disappointed when he finds half of the men are former criminals.

He becomes the squire of its Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. Later, his uncle Benjen, who is also part of the Night’s Watch, takes part in a ranging but is killed. His companions reanimate as a wight (basically an ice zombie) and almost killed Jeor before Jon saves him. Jeor then announces he plans to lead a ranging to discover what happened to Benjen and to investigate the Others and the wildlings, or people who live north of the Wall.

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Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

2. Sherlock

A modern-day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead role. Do I have to say more?

Sherlock’s companion on the show is Dr. John Hamish Watson.

He had been a medic and served in the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers in the British Army. John was an officer of Captain rank when he took voluntary retirement after getting shot at and being injured by a bullet in the right shoulder.

He met Sherlock as when he was looking for a flatmate to share a flat as he couldn’t afford one in expensive London. In their first meeting, Sherlock deduced enough about him to astonish and surprise and more importantly impress him.

As cases go by, their relationship nurtures and they become the best of friends/colleagues that one can ask for. They solve unsolvable crimes together, have fun together, get bored together and enjoy each other’s company. Really, both of them are incomplete without each other.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

3. Breaking Bad

A teacher turning to a drug kingpin for his family. Amazing story with an exceptionally well written story.

Breaking Bad is a singular show for the strength of its casting alone. The headline characters portrayed by Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, and others have a nuanced and texture that’s way beyond what I would expect from TV. Walter White’s transformation from meek chemistry teacher into a hardened criminal is okay on paper but only really works because Cranston is able to sell it. Right down to adjusting his diet to look the right amount of grunt for a cancer patient.

But the smaller roles are inspired too. Badger and Skinny Pete, for example, look exactly right for Burqueño low-lives. Wendy, Jesse’s prostitute friend? Wow. So perfect for the particular kind of streetwalker you’d see for real on Albuquerque’s Central Ave.


I’m biased, having spent my childhood in Albuquerque, but I think Breaking Bad has enjoyed an enormous payoff from their setting. New Mexico just makes the show feel different from everything else on TV. The southwest is beautiful but Albuquerque is emphatically not a sexy place. It’s austere, it’s dry, it’s charming from the right angles and the views are to die for. But it’s not a place like LA or New York, where people long to be. Which means it can be itself – there’s no image for it to live up to.

Smaller-town life also neatly motivates the low-class drug world of crystal meth. There are addicts everywhere, to be sure, but meth has especially ravaged rural America.

The production design for interior settings is top-notch as well. They built a perfectly bureaucratic DEA office. Walt lives in a very 70’s-looking home appropriate to his socioeconomic status.

Everything conveys the right feelings.

Writing and Pacing

Breaking Bad is unique among serial dramas in its ability to maintain interest throughout the show’s run. Other shows – looking at you, Mad Men – have uneven seasons with sometimes limited payoff. Breaking Bad rewards the viewer by almost continuously upping the stakes. Each season is a new level of challenge for the characters.

There’s also a lot of juicy complexity. You spend a lot of time on Walt’s side but don’t necessarily dislike his adversaries, either. It’s hard to genuinely hate anyone in Walter White’s universe.

My default position on every character in a given episode?


That’s a hell of a trick to pull off.

The level of care and detail on this show is unique. A lot of time and energy is spent on creating a plausible universe to tell stories in. Vince Gilligan and his band have recruited the right people and gotten the creative freedom to pursue a very potent and complete artistic vision. There’s just not a lot of shows that can compete with Breaking Bad on all the facets of storytelling it gets right.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

4. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Carl Sagan/Neil deGrasse Tyson narrating you through space and time. (Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a remake of the original Cosmos and it has jaw dropping visuals)

Review of some person on Quora –

I am very happy that there is a documentary series about science (and particularly space) on broadcast network television. This show is well produced, with great visuals and an engaging presenter.  I like Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  We didn’t particularly like the original COSMOS because, as a kid, I found Carl Sagan quite creepy.

I hope it does well and serves as an inspiration for kids to study science. This show needs better fact-checking – some of the history stuff has sacrificed accuracy for a more interesting narrative.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

A story of six friends going through life. A must watch if only for the laughs.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is worth watching. It’s an old TV series, so the jokes might feel boring or dull. But if you are a fan of good/light humor and sarcasm, you will definitely enjoy watching it. It’s a series that can be watched just to relax and laugh on good humor without much drama. F.R.I.E.N.D.S’s specialties are its characters and the bonding between them.

Set in the 90s, a story about six 20-something friends living in Manhattan and their normal yet unique life experiences. A show that’s relatable across ages. It’s a show that has transcended time.

It’s going to be your stress buster during/after a busy day. Of all the best shows there’s ever been, FRIENDS stands out even today, 24 years since it was first aired because of the life lessons every character has taught us.

It’s okay to fall in love with someone who is twice as old as you.

It’s never too late to start a career of your choice.

P.S: It’s difficult to watch and not to develop a liking for one of its characters.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

6. Suits

Solving lawsuits with a style. The story? A class apart

  • The Characters: The characters are really created with a lot of detail and some of them are really complex (Litt) and the actors have some amazing dialogue delivery. P.S. – I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like Donna, she is amazing.
  • The Story-line: If you like a storyline full of twists and turns, you will love it, the show has come a long way from 1st season and is heading to a completely different direction now and thus promises to keep up with the trends observed earlier.
  • The Set and the Suits: The show has brilliant sets, you would want to work there yourself and Suits they were are amazing, the lead characters always look dapper.
  • (Michael) Ross and Rachel (Zane) factor: The show has their own Ross and Rachel. Mike and Rachel also have an on and off a relationship, though very different from the Ross and Rachel in FRIENDS, yet they have a brilliance of their own.

And many more factors, you must give it a try.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

7. House of Cards

A story of a man rising to power in the American politics. Spectacular show with Kevin Spacey with the lead role.

As political dramas go, its one of the best I’ve seen.  Though not as good as The West Wing (probably my favorite TV show of all-time), but similarly gripping but much, much darker (not a surprise with David Fincher producing). While the West Wing gave you the reason to hope for better, the social commentary from House of Cards on the political process in Washington is quite deliciously damning.

It also provides a view of politics from the cheaper seats (i.e. House of Representatives) whereas most political dramas, both television shows, and movies,  revolve around the White House, running for president, etc.

I plan on watching the UK series it was inspired from because of it through part of the enjoyment of watching House of Cards for me was because I  have a solid working knowledge of  American politics (I think ) (not that it is necessary to enjoy the show).

The biggest reason to love the show? Kevin Spacey. 

I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Spacey. He does especially well when playing manipulative characters.

See Se7en. This might be one of his best roles of all time. He has great chemistry with all the characters on the show, particularly Robin Wright (Jenny from Forrest Gump. I know. That shit cray). The Macbeth/ Lady Macbeth allusions are very stark and seeing how their relationship ebbs and flows is a great backdrop to the overarching storyline.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

8. True Detective

Two detectives struggling to find the killer and forced to face the dark secrets of the homicide cases.

True Detective was wonderful. The show had everything, be it awesome cast, interesting plot and brilliant direction except the good ending.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

9. Hannibal

A story of Dr. Hannibal Lecter with a twist. The thrill of the story is exhilarating.

 Hannibal the show explores the emotional aspect of Hannibal Lecter, his relationship with his colleagues and his bonding with friends. This doesn’t mean it’s not gripping and cold, I can assure you it’s much gruesome than the movies and has the metallic taste as expected by murder thrillers.

Season one: 

Season one was brilliant. The cast gave an amazing performance, the plot was good and Hannibal was charming throughout. This season had a different case of murder and mutilation coming up every alternate episode but the plot was intense, gripping and stable.

Season two also lived up to the expectations of the audience which was set by season one. Having greater elements of suspense and thrill that the first season, this season will keep you hooked up. Again, brilliant acting by the cast and the cinematography is also worthy of praise.

Season three is different from the first two seasons, there is a lot less thrill content and the plot is smooth, the episodes are well connected. Personally, I tried hard but couldn’t interest myself in this season. Perhaps because of less action and suspense or the linear plot line. Many claims this season to be better of the two because of it’s absorbing dialogues and storyline but that differs from person to person. This season was a drag for me and didn’t win my heart. It felt like “when is it going to end?”

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

10. The Wire

Reality of police and Crime

The social commentary of the state of urban government, unions, education, and gang politics is powerful and raw. This combined with epic, complicated, and flawed characters with redeeming human qualities so that you become invested in their stories makes this for one hell of a TV show. I wish it had been more popular.

Season 1 starts slow but then the quality and message of the show just hit you like a mac truck.

It is also probably one of the most quotable TV Shows I’ve ever watched.

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