Top 20 Most Expensive Google Keywords in AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best online advertising services we have right now. There are keywords linked to these ads and these google keywords have their CPS which can also help you if you are currently using AdSense service to serve ads on your website.

I think most of you guys have really no idea that Google makes its 97% of the money from online pay per click advertising.
So there is a keyword research done and it was found that which are the most expensive keywords in Google. Some of these keywords are going to be expected but some keywords can really surprise you.Hello everyone! So in today’s article, we are going to share the top 20 most expensive Google keywords in AdWords.
The first thing that you will notice on this list is that the top 10 most expensive AdWord keywords primary deal with financing, money, loan, credit.

Top 10 most expensive Google keywords

1  Insurance
2  Loans
3  Mortgage
4  Attorney
5  Credit
6  Lawyer
7  Donate
8  Degree
9  Hosting
10  Claim

So as I have said bef

Top 20 Most Expensive Google Keywords in AdWords

ore these upper top 10 most expensive Adword keyword primary deal with financing, money-related keywords. Otherwise, who would have thought that degree can be a part of top 10 most expensive google keyword in AdWords.

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Now we are going to complete our list of top 20 most expensive Google keywords in AdWords by providing you the next 10 expensive keywords.

11  Conference Call
12  Trading
13  Software
14  Recovery
15  Transfer
16  Gas/Electricity
17  Classes
18  Rehab
19  Treatment
20  Cord Blood

These 20 keywords are the most expensive keywords in the ordered list the first one is the most expensive add

The CPC value for the loan keyword is 44$

The CPC value for the insurance keyword is 54$

The CPC value for the attorney keyword is 47$

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The list goes on and on but these are pretty much the basic top 20 expensive google keywords in AdWords.

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