Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actors in 2018

As we all know that Bollywood has become a big part of the entertainment industry. There are so many movies, Bollywood actors, Bollywood actresses in this entertainment industry. It is obvious that they earn a lot of amounts each year in this filming career. Bollywood is growing fast at a massive rate that it can even overtake the Hollywood in terms of the numbers of film production. Most of the popular Bollywood movies offers a big amount of money to the actor leading that movie as a hero. The question that comes to your mind is How much do they get paid? Hello everyone! I am Bad Buddy and today we are going to talk about the top 5 richest Bollywood actors in 2018.

Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actors in 2018

Shahrukh Khan

Net worth – $600 million

Shahrukh Khan is also known as King Khan of Bollywood. He is one of the most popular and the best actor in the Bollywood industry.

He was born on 2 November 1965 in New Delhi, India. His wife name is Gauri Khan. Shahrukh Khan is an Indian actor and producer. He has been starred in more than 80 Bollywood movies. Shahrukh Khan is not just the richest person in Bollywood but he is one of the richest actors in the whole world. He has achieved several awards which include 15 Filmfare Awards.

Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actors in 2018

Salman Khan

Net worth – $200 million

Salman Khan is known by many names in the Bollywood industry such as Dabangg Khan due to his personality and style.

He was born on 27 December 1965 in Madhya Pradesh, India. Salman Khan is an actor, producer and a television host. He has received so many awards which include National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards. Salman Khan was starred in some of the most popular Bollywood movies such as Sultan, Kick, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda hai etc. He is one of the highest paid actors in the Bollywood industry right now.

Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actors in 2018

Amitabh Bachchan

Net Worth – $400 million

Amitabh Bachchan was born on 11 October 1942. He gained popularity in early 1974 with the movies like Zanjeer and Devaram. Amitabh has become a great source of inspiration for those who are new in the entertainment industry and who really wants to become a big actor like him. He has won a lot of awards which include National Film Award for the Best action film and Critics Award for Best Actor.

 Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actors in 2018

Aamir Khan

Net Worth – $185 million

Aamir Khan was born on 14 March 1965. He was first introduced as a child artist in the 1970 hit Yaadon Ki Baraat. He is an Indian film actor and producer. Due to his great success in the film industry, he has become one of the most popular and influential actors in Indian cinema.

He has also received a lot of awards which also includes 7 Filmfare awards and 4 National Film awards.

Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actors in 2018

Akshay Kumar

Net worth- $180 million

Akshay Kumar was born on September 9, 1968. He has studied martial arts in Hong Kong. He is a Bollywood actor and producer. Because of his quality in martial art, he has been featured in a lot of action movies. Akshay Kumar was born in India but he has Canada nationality. He has been nominated for Filmfare Awards several times and winning it 2 times.

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