Top 5 Vloggers in the World 2018

Top 5 Vloggers in the World 2018 :

So we are going to see a lot of content creators on youtube website. But the ones who have made their home in our hearts will always be remembered. So now its time to take a look at some of the top content creators on youtube platform. Yes, we are talking about the Top 5 Vloggers in the World 2018. This list is not just based on the numbers but also the popularity of these YouTubers. In this article, we are not going to consider any businesses and brand channels operated by a group of people.

But first of all, let’s talk about Vlogging as most of the people are confused with the words blogging and vlogging.

A blog is basically the word that comes from weblog which is basically related to the content on a website. This content is generally in the form of articles on the website. Whereas Vlog means Video Blog which also means that this is also a blog but it is in the form of video.

So now it’s the time to take a look at the Top 5 Vloggers in the World 2018.

Top 10 Most Popular Youtubers in the World 2018

Logan Paul

He is an American actor, director, one of the top Youtuber and internet personality. Logan Paul first gained fame through videos shared on former internet video service which was called as Vine.
Logan Paul’s real name is Logan Alexander Paul. Logan Paul was born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake Ohio, United States. His father name is Greg Paul and his mother name is Pam.

He took his acting classes in Los Angeles. His first movie was titled as Rainbow Man which was released in 2014. He has also acted in Law and order and movie The thinning.
He currently has over 17 million subscribers on his channel. He has also gained more than 3,358,405,825 views. He started it all on August 28, 2015.

Top 10 Most Popular Youtubers in the World 2018

Tips and Tricks to Increase Youtube Video Views

How Logan Paul Gained Fame

He started posting videos when he was a kid but he was not able to grow. Then ultimately by 2014 he was having almost 3.1Millions followers on his various social media platforms which includes about 105,000 Twitter followers, 361,000 Instagram followers, 31,000 likes on his Facebook page and about 150,000 subscribers to his channel.

Logan Paul has also started his own clothing brand called as the Maverick. This brand name is named after his bird maverick. Right now he is earning most of his income through his Maverick brand.

His Brother

His brother name is Jake Paul who is his younger brother. He is also a famous and top YouTuber.

Top 5 Vloggers in the World 2018

Casey Neistat

He started his youtube channel on 15 Feb 2010. He has gained more than 9,143,558 subscribers. He has also gained more than 2,112,758,945 views.

His About Section –

Hi, I live in New York City and love YouTube.

Q. what’d i shoot that with


Q. where did i go to film school

A. never went to film school or college

Q. what’s that crazy space where i’m working in a lot of the videos

A. that’s my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don’t live in this space, just work

Q. what do i edit with

A. final cut x. i don’t love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software

Q. someone asked how old i am

A. i’m 35. well for now I am. i was born in 1981 so if i don’t update this before next year you can keep track on your own

Top 10 Most Popular Youtubers in the World 2018


Name – Olajide William Olatunji
Date Of Birth – 19 June 1993
Age – 23
Height – 6′ (1.83 m)
Weight – 70-72 Kg
Birth Place – Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Father – Jide
Mother – Yinka Olatunji
Siblings – Jide And Yinka Olatunji
Net Worth – $11 Million As Of May 2, 2017

He is an internet celebrity, rapper, comedian and video game commentator who is one of the most popular and top Youtuber right now after the KSI VS JOE WELLER fight.

He has formed a gaming group on YouTube which is called as the ultimate sidemen which were formed on October 19, 2013. His YouTube channel has over 18 million subscribers right now. He has also gained more than 4,045,008,492 views. He created his channel on July 24, 2009. He has also become the face of Sport Relief online in 2014.

His brother

He also has a younger brother with the name Deji who is commonly known as comedy shorts gamer.

Top 10 Most Popular Youtubers in the World 2018

Jake Paul

Birth Date – January 17, 1997
BIRTHPLACE – Cleveland, OH
AGE – 21 years old
BIRTH SIGN – Capricorn

He is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to significant fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. He first came into prominence for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.
Jake Paul youtube section says this :
WHATS UP?! I’m Jake Paul.
I’m 21, live in Los Angeles, & have a crazy life! Keep up 🙂
The squad “Team 10” & I are always making comedy vids, acting, doing action sports, & going on crazy adventures.
Subscribe & watch daily to keep up with the madness

He has gained more than 14 million subscribers till now. Jake Paul created his YouTube channel on September 19, 2013. He has also gained more than 3,805,252,967 views on his channel till now.

Before Fame

He was a competitive wrestler and he trained to be a Navy Seal. He first found a social media platform of the 6-second video posts called Vine, where he reached 1 million followers in just 5 months. He had over 5 million followers by the time the app was discontinued.

How much is Jake Paul’s house?

He finds a new place to party in Calabasas. He has paid $6.925 million for a home in Calabasas.

What is Team 10

Team 10 is a social media incubator and management company, co-founded by Jake. It grows influencers into superstars, and its members harness their collective power by creating videos together on their Team 10 YouTube channel and each member’s personal channel.

Top 10 Most Popular Youtubers in the World 2018


Full name – Bryan Quang Le
Top Youtuber and Hip-hop/Rap artist
BIRTHDAY – November 19, 1996
AGE – 21 years old
BIRTH SIGN – Scorpio

RiceGum is a famous and top Youtuber as well as a rapper. He is one of the most popular people on this platform for years.
RiceGum created it on September 24, 2012. He is about to gain almost 10 million subscribers till now. He has also gained more than 1,545,633,158 views.

What nationality is RiceGum?

RiceGum was born on November 19, 1996, in the United States of America. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is North American. RiceGum was born to American parents and was raised in the same place where he was born. His birth name is Bryan Le and he was raised by his parents.

What is Ricegum known for?

His most popular videos are his “These Kids Must Be Stopped” series, where he has roasted popular web stars such as Loren Gray, Jacob Sartorius, and Hunter Rowland.

His girlfriend

In 2016 brian used to say it as a joke that he has no girlfriend and he used to joke that he is ugly. However, no one can say it for sure if he is single or he is engaged to someone. There were rumors that his girlfriend is summer ray (famous Instagram model).

RiceGum Earning

In past, some analysts suggested that he was making around $125,000 a month. But as we all know that Bryan himself makes fun of all these attempts to count his money.

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